Podium discussion

16.30The Forgotten History of Visionary Artist Herbert CrowleyPodium discussion 

Herbert Crowley, Podium

A panel discussion about Herbert Crowley, the forgotten master of comics, illustration, and sculpture will explore the fascinating story that arcs through the underground art world of 20th century New York, the trenches of World War I, and the Swiss compound of psychoanalyst Carl Jung. We will explore how this vital and masterful artist was forgotten and eventually re-discovered.

Justin Duerr (biographer, US), Mandy Katz (researcher, US), Susanne Wettstein (Herbert Crowley’s niece CH)

Moderation: Josh O'Neill (publisher: Beehive Books, US)

Language: English

14.30–15.30Religion and visionaries in the comics of Joann SfarPodium discussion 


A small panel of experts discuss Joann Sfar’s treatment of the religious in terms of irony, mysticism, tolerance and criticism. In addition to Sfar’s work, influenced by his judaism, the discussion will also look into aspects of other world religions in comics.

Silvia Henke Dean (professor of cultural studies with a focus on art and religion, CH), Anette Gehrig (Director Cartoonmuseum Basel), Aarthi Parthosarathy, Petra Wettstein (lecturer in religious studies, CH),

Moderation: Lars von Törne (Journalist Tagesspiegel Berlin, DE)

Languages: German / English

Collaborative partner: Cartoonmuseum Basel

17.30Comic concepts in the realm of 3DPodium discussion 


A new generation of artists are surfacing who perceive the comics medium as a spatial experience, with the third dimension comprising a fundamental element of the narrative, both in choice of material and presentation of the work. The comic artists of the Rebus exhibition discuss their visions of sequential narration in the space between publication and multimedia installation.

Aidan Koch (US), Alex Beauclair (FR), Danslecieltoutvabien (FR), Margaux Duseigneur (FR), Son Ni (TW)

Moderation: Bill Kartalopoulos (Curator: Rebus, US)

Language: English

14.30Mytholitics3: Collective Narration On The MovePodium discussion 


India’s comic scene is on the rise. Collectives from New Delhi to Mumbai to Calcutta are appearing at a network of festivals seemingly from out of thin air. Art colleges in Ahmedabad and Bangalore are establishing a place for sequential narration in their curricula. The act of drawing, along with alternative DIY practises and new online publication possibilities are all part of the revolt against social discrimination and the patriarchy.  In this panel some of the prominent members of India’s comic scene give us a peek into this vibrant phenomenon.

Lokesh Khodke (BlueJackal), Aarthi Parthasarathy (Kadak), Avinash Karn (Madhubani Art), Pagal Canvas, Orijit Sen, Renuka Rajiv

Moderation: Lars von Törne, Journalist, Tagesspiegel Berlin, DE

Language: English





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1. Zschau Eléonore, Belgien
2. Till Lukat, Deutschland
3. Maeva Rubli, Schweiz

CATEGORY 2 – 13 TO 17
1. Selma Eppenberger, Schweiz
2. Zacharias Skouta, Schweiz
3. Lili Heri, Schweiz

1. Selma Eppenberger, Schweiz
2. Zacharias Skouta, Schweiz
3. Lili Heri, Schweiz

Tony Marchand, Schweiz

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