13.30–14.30Joann SfarVortrag 


14.00–17.00Introduction to Indian ComicsVortrag 


Comics in India are being treated as cheap objects. People feel they have no inherent value, and are often discarded. Through a documentation of different raddiwalas (paper recyclers) who sort through the pile of books and magazines they get and rescue comics from there, Aarthi will talk about books that are representative of different points in the comics jouney of India: from the Pattachitra and Kaavad, to Indrajal Comics, to Amar Chitra Katha, to Tinkle Comics to Graphic Novels and finally zines. One of the books she will have with her is a rescued comic!

talk by Aarthi Parthasarathy

17.00–20.00Feminist Critiques of Comics HistoryVortrag 


Sadly, comics have a longstanding tradition of sexism. Primarily focusing on North American / Canadian comics, we will discuss how sexism has affected the writing of the history of comics (erasing women) and the lack of historiographical discussion in comics. We will also see how contemporary creators (including men), publishers, and readers reflect the rise of feminism (including sexuality) in recent years. * Works by: Julie Doucet; Carel Moiseiwitch; Fiona Smyth; Jillian Tamaki; Ginette Lapalme; Hue; Jessica Campbell; Aaron Manzyck; Eric Kostiuk Williams; Eli Howey; Victor Martins; Tings Chak

talk by Kim Jooha

17.00–20.00Collage & Comics: From Source to the SubjectVortrag 


Comics’ entry to the fine art world was the source of the appropriation art (Lichtenstein). But now many comic artists deploy the method of appropriation includes collage. There are exciting similarities of heterogeneity and methodology that collage and comics share, especially with the development of photo editing software. We will discuss collage works of comic artists; comics employing collage; comics influenced by collage; collage as comics; and comics as collage. * Works by: Julie Doucet; Marc Bell; Michael Comeau; Kendra Yee; Hue; Patrick Kyle; Tings Chak; Ginette Lapalme

talk by Kim Jooha

13.00–14.00Best American ComicsVortrag 


Bill Kartalopoulos (Herausgeber/Kurator Best American Comics, US)





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Wir besuchen die Ausstellungen von Benedikt Notter und Martin Panchaud, María Luque, MÜSCLE Siebdruckkollektiv, Spleur Magazin, Nando von Arb und schlussendlich Carole Isler in ihrer Ausstellung mit Liveportrait zeichnen.

In Kooperation mit Médecins sans Frontières Schweiz

Workshop von Carol Isler (Liveportrait zeichnen) ab 19.30 Uhr, Rössligasse 12


Als Amici unterstützen Sie den wichtigsten Comic-Anlass in der Schweiz und somit vor allem junge, innovative Comic-Kunst. Wir bedanken uns für Ihr Engagement mit einem einzigartigen Festivalerlebnis.

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